Manager Cum Secretary's Message

"Shri Salil Kothiwal (Manager Cum Secretary)


Manager Cum Secretary's Message

We at R.R.K. see a child as a powerhouse of curiosity. Thus we are committed to make our classrooms inspiring spaces where their interests are nurtured, where they will envision a glorious future – not just carries but path breaking, discoveries, ventures, when they will learn to respond to higher call of serving humanity. We are devoted to creating leaders of tomorrow who will be trailblazers. The student’s imagination is given free & wide scope for growth in various forms of dance, singing, elocution, sports, athletics & care of creation, plants, water & other natural resources.

R.R.K. is a seed ground for those who wish to be leaders & path breakers, for those who shall dare to give shape to their dreams & aspirations & for those who shall be the flag bearers of human values holding their nation & global concerns in perpetual remembrance. The educational curve will take them to the proverbial pot of gold nurturing individual talent & making a difference to each child.

Through a spectrum of activities within & outside the classroom, we provide experiences that help the students discover innate capabilities, set goals, find missions and tirelessly work towards their accomplishment. The campus pulsates with the vibrant energy of co-curricular activities which encourage bonding, sharing, respecting each other and finding happiness.

I am confident that R.R.K. School Moradabad will be a beacon of light, guiding the destiny of its students and radiating kindness and compassion as it soars high in its pursuit of excellence and in the fulfillment of the school motto.

Vidya dadati vinayam

I, with this academic year may rejuvenate the entire system to propel to the zenith and bring positive results.