Physics Lab-

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab at RRK School presents a view of a completely well furnished lab. It is quite spacious and has the seating capacity of about 50 students. The lab is quite spacious and well ventilated. The lab has a balance room for conducting experiments regarding volumetric analysis.

Biology Lab-

The school has a very spacious, well ventilated, ultra modern, well furnished Biology lab to satiate the requirement of the students. The lab is furnished with all the necessary assets to cater to the requirement as per demanded by the latest syllabus. Hot cases, water baths, refrigerator etc are always available in the lab. The scholars are guided by worthy teachers and lab assistants.


Our School has well equipped,spacious, well ventilated, ultra modern, home science lab with all the latest gadgets.Here Students learn how to cook, serve and present various cuisines. Time to time various competitions are organized like Salad making, Rangoli making, Diya making etc. Students participate with full zeal and show their talent with the proper guidance of worthy teacher.


In order to cater interactivity and enjoyment in the study of Social Science, school has setup a rich Social Science Lab consisting of international quality globes, tools and equipments, set of maps and charts. The Lab is well furnished with models, samples, sketches and several pictures related to history geography and civics topics. Also, samples of different types of rocks and minerals, solar system, physical features of India, Tectonic movements, volcanic eruption and the course of a river. The lab is furnished with the projects and models on Moughal empire, Indus valley civilization – clothes, artifacts, tools, utensils etc.


To cater to the hankering of the students to learn practical based knowledge in mathematics, The school has setup well equipped mathematics lab. Here the students can re generate various mathematical exercises with new values. The exercises include guided solutions and multimedia learning aids to give students the extra help they require. The lab is well furnished with models, Charts, sample problems, instructional videos and animations, abacus, portraits of mathematician to motivate students.